Turn-key Systems

Turn0key systeIn addition to FRAP probes, our FRAP system includes different key units for the motion control (traversing system), the signal acquisition boards within the PC, a highly accurate pressure supply unit and a power-pressure-unit (PPU) as the key component of the FRAP measurement tower. These instruments are mounted within a 19"-rack system which defines the stand alone FRAP measurement tower. The FRAP system is operated during the measurements independently from the rotating facility infrastructure. The entire data reduction software in integrated into the system and allows a highly flexible access to a range of flow properties and post processing options. The data acquisition and reduction of the measured FRAP signal is performed using an included high performance Pentium 4 personal computer.

The unique capabilities of our FRAP system would allow unprecedented access to time resolved high spatial density flow measurements within a fully standardized plug-and-play system.


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